Turn your buyers job changes into revenue

Sell more and close more with reaching your champion buyers and power users right when they start their new job.

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Sell to prospects who know you

We’re make it simple for you to understand the basic principle of our products

Create stronger pipeline

20% of the people who love your product change jobs every year

Automate your work

Create automated workflows to connect when the time is right

Win more deals

Buyers spend 70% of their budget in their first 100 days. Reach out to them before anyone else

Works where you do

Integrate with your favorite web apps so you don't need to change your day-to-day work at all.

New Revenue on Autopilot


Connect your CRM or just upload a CSV

Connect your favorite tools or just upload a CSV. We love integrating with your CRM and Product Analytics tools. We value security and put it at top of our focus, so don't worry.

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We start tailing key life events of your top users

Let our engines run. We use multiple public data sources to track and find the right insight, at the right time. Let us do the work, we'll alert you when needed.

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Get real-time alerts when a job change is made

Get the alerts right into your CRM with all the relevant data needed. We update automatically your records so you can focus on closing the deal.

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Win and close more deals instantly

Previous customers are 3X more likely to buy again. Prioritize them, win the relationship, and close more.

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“With Intail.ai, our team was able to reach our best previous buyers at the perfect time to begin the sale process. We've seen great ROI much faster than we expected!

Omer Beit-On
CEO - Delawvery

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